Good Wine Needs No Bush

View - fish, treasure and wrecks

So, as far as sites for a restaurant go, this has to be pretty high on the reckoning. Perched high on a hill in Yomitan, it has an unobstructed view over the East China Sea, which today runs from wine dark blue to clear turquoise. The big blue hammers against the reef that is about half a mile offshore and as the tide is on its way out I can see the different channels and rock formations all which must be pullulating with exotic fish, coral and treasure.

Beautiful, light-filled, dining room on the second floor, one wall being windows looking out over the sea. I order in a finger pointing fashion and pretty soon a US style salad and vegetable soup arrive, OK but disappointingly unexotic. Next is composite plate of spaghetti, rice, broccoli, a croissant, a shrimp, a bit of fish and a cocotte of macaroni cheese. Strong euro Italianate influence that seems to be pretty common around here, last night we ate Pizza! Finally black tea arrives in a very English cup and saucer.

Very pleasant lunch for 1100 yen, incredible views, great service but I want adventure. Gimme chicken hearts baked in seaweed or something.

Martha and James got me the toad in the Phillipines

I forgot the spring roll thing

I walked here from my new apartment, of which more later, following discrete signs marked only with ‘cafe.’ Once again I have no idea what the restaurant’s name is or how to describe where it is. There seems to be a practice of under-advertizing restaurants in Okinawa. Maybe there is a city bylaw against signs, or maybe it is felt to be vulgar to advertize. A good wine needs no bush.

Where are the Golden Arches?

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3 Responses to Good Wine Needs No Bush

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    (Only) the croissant tells me that was breakfast. Cocotte’s a nice touch but macaroni and spaghetti ? What, no lasagne ?

  2. Yo Mike,
    It was lunch! Things are strangely out of whack here at times.

  3. Alan says:

    Hooray! The blog is back! More food, more embarassing social situations! Hope the tooth has been replaced by now.

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