Is the noise that a can of ice cold coffee makes as it tumbles into the dispatching zone of a drinks dispenser.

Okinawa is the land of a thousand drink dispensers. On nearly every street corner there is a machine that will kerklunk cold drinks. Out in the sugar cane, beside the diving access, next to the tomb, yea there thou shalt find me.

Wilson Picket

The one above is just across the street from my garden. After a hard session rubbing soil into my scalp in the suffocating heat I tend to wander over there.

Beni Imo, beans, carrots, Daikon, Radishes, Aubergines, Japanese onions, and Cosmos to eventually make it look nice.

Take me to your Leader

You date a girl and find out later She smells just like a percolator Her perfume was made right on the grill Why they could percolate the ocean in Brazil

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