French Cinema

Truffaut, Renoir, Chabrol, Blier, Lelouch, er Malle, um Klapisch and now Arin Pillot. A long time ago I made a publicity clip for CERN with a young French film student called Cedric Klapisch. He went on to be one of France most beloved movie directors. Check the film:

Lately I made a movie of the same genre with another young French film student, Gabriel Arin Pillot. This time in Okinawa. It was an amazing experience. Everything was filmed with the video function on a  Canon photo camera using one lapel mike attached by  student sound person Emile Trimoreau. The movie was constructed in my front room on Mac laptops using Final Cut. Filming, editing,subtitling, rendering  took less than 4 days.

Modern times

A brioche baked by Gabriel

Emile left and Gabriel with a piece montee that they made

Anyway I think the film, in its genre, is very good but if he doesn’t make it as a film director Gabriel could always be a boulanger. Thanks to both Gabriel and Emile for the film

Watch here:

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