Gaaaargh 2

So, that time of year rolls around again. Yes, its spend your free time at the dentist season. If you go back to my blog of 31 January 2011 you can read about last year’s dentistry fun. Last night, February 3, I conscientiously floss my teeth and plink a crown drops into the sink. Ho hum.

This morning I go back to my dentist clinic and realize how much I have picked up in the last year. I knew how to use the slipper machine. I could say my name and “look at this” as I displayed my fallen crown. I understood when the lady receptionist she said “sit down please”.

Press the button and a pair of slippers peek out of the bottom

I  wait for 30 minutes and then my old friend Dr Murata leads me to my seat. An X-ray and then the dreaded words “root canal” float through the Higgs field.

This is what Root Canal means

Old man teeth

Last year the treatment took 6 weeks. What a drag.

This is how I will spend the next few weekends

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2 Responses to Gaaaargh 2

  1. Ian Calder says:

    re root canals and gardens

    “Diseases desperate grown
    Are by des’prate measure relieved
    Or not at all”

    Bacon. F

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